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*NEW Starting January 2024* Events will be contactless arrival and departure and a key code, along with a welcome video, will be provided via email in the week leading up to your event. Upon arrival, a welcome packet will be inside for the event contact to review including day-of logistics, the Clean-Up Checklist, and a Credit Card Authorization Form to complete for any incidentals or time extensions. Contact information for a staff member will be provided in case of emergencies. 

Early arrivals and late departures will be charged in increments of 15 minutes at a rate of $15 per additional 15 minutes. Email notification will be provided if time extensions are not available for your event (in the case of events scheduled prior or following where a staff member will need to clean the space to prepare).

Choose the button below that accurately represents the time duration for which you would like to reserve the venue. Please note that the start time is your arrival and the end time is your departure time, so make sure to include both set-up and clean up time in your reservation. Full payment required to reserve date.

Scheduling tip: We recommend an average of 60 minutes for set-up and 30-60 minutes for clean up, but it really depends on the amount of food and decorations you plan to bring in. Simple mason jar centerpieces & sandwich platters can take 30 minutes compared to balloon arches and charcuterie spreads that can take around 90 minutes to assemble.


To learn more about hosting a special event in our venue, please refer to our 2024 Rental Information or contact us:

Thanks for submitting!

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